Hi, welcome to Handy Creations!

We are a small family run business (Mum and Daughter partnership). Officially founded in July 2017 our business is very much in it’s infancy but is coming into exciting times. Providing unique, hand made products, it is safe to say that even if we provide the same design, the product will never by completely identical. Our wide range of artwork includes hand engraved and painted drinking glasses, ceramics and other items of glassware and canvases. As mentioned before we take great pride in creating ALL of our products by hand, no laser equipment is used for engraving and no transfers are used for the decorated items. We strongly believe that this adds a real personal touch to the items ensuring our customers always receive a unique piece of artwork.

We do not carry large amounts of stock, generally everything is made to order. If you look at our gallery and don’t find exactly what you are wanting please contact us and we will do everything we can to help. Please be aware that we are very copyright conscious therefore, by law, it is not possible to recreate certain designs. If in doubt though please feel free to contact us and we can clarify.

Thank you for visiting our page, we hope you’ve found something you like.